4 thoughts on “Gastenboek”

  1. Heerlijk gegeten in dit restaurant verborgen in een Amsterdamse kelder! Zulke gerechten vindt je niet snel in andere restaurants. Zeker een aanrader!

  2. The taste of herbs and spices, and the way of cooking let me indulge in happy memories of Indonesia. Fine cuisine with super delicious and authentic food, and very warm hospitality. Thank you Harry to have us as your guests!

  3. Great memories of Indonesian food. I really enjoyed the both creative and authentic way of cooking, high quality cuisine. The staff is really friendly, explaining the food and where it is coming from. Thank you for a great experience!

  4. Extraordinary food. We spent a great evening at your place. Thanks for being such great hosts. The way you took care about people with allergies was considerate. When in Amsterdam we will definitely come back.

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